Dolphins - Did you know? 

Not only are they the friendliest and most caring creatures in our oceans, dolphins are also very intelligent. Scientists believe that, comparing the ratio size of brain to body, dolphins take second place right after humans. Beauty and brains! Let’s learn out more about these adorable marine animals.

Fascinating Facts


Dolphins rest only half of their brain while sleeping. This prevents them from drowning while the other half remains awake so they can continue to breathe. It’s said that dolphins are as smart as apes, and that the evolution of their larger brains is similar to humans.  Just like we do, they use it to analyse information, solve problems and aggrandize their survival in the wild.


Dolphins enjoy socialising and playing with other dolphins in their pod. As well as this playfulness, dolphins are one of the most compassionate and loving mammals. They value family and community and always take care of each other.


Dolphins have two stomachs. One is used for digestion and the other is used for storage of food. A dolphin never chews their food, they only use their teeth to grab, grip and secure prey and then swallow it whole—head first. Some of their favourite bites to eat are fish, squid and crustacean.  A dolphin that weighs around 260 pounds would eat about 33 pounds of fish a day!


Dolphins don't sleep for long periods of time, instead they take naps throughout the day. While doing this, dolphins sleep with one eye closed and one eye open. They practice this method to stay conscious and alert all the time to watch for predators.


Most dolphins become sexually mature between 5 and 8 years old. A dolphin’s pregnancy ranges in duration from 11 to 17 months, and they give birth to a single calf once every 1 to 6 years. Calves are usually born tail first and are about 35–40 inches long and weigh between 23 and 65 pounds. They can swim almost immediately, but do require the protection of the pod.

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